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7 Ways Of Building Outstanding Customer Service In Real Estate

Brand awareness and customer loyalty have some correlations, and you need to create some low-effort service experiences to you to establish the two. Availing the two helps your clients to solve different challenges with ease. Since the real estate sector is not viewed mainly as a service-oriented industry, the two are an excellent way to ensure that your brand gains the right reputation for exceptional service delivery.

Therefore, you need to put some effort towards reducing the effort your clients put into ensuring they get what they want; they receive their money’s worth. Given this, below are some ideas for customer services from answerfirst.com that you can implement to establish low-effort service experience in your real estate business.

1.      Express Genuine Care

While the primary objective is to land a sale, you should view your customer as more than another transaction. You need to show you value them and are concerned about their interests. That you can relate even with the small things, such as being on time for meetings, listen to what they say, and not interrupting them by picking your calls. Moreover, you need to communicate with them regularly and know how you can manage their expectations.

2.      Respond To Unexpressed Needs

Comprehensive service delivery is one that responds not only to the client’s expressed need and demands, but also those they may not have shown. It is a strategy that requires being patient with the customers. Understand that they may not always know what they want; that is why they seek your expertise. You should help them figure out how to make the best choices by asking them leading questions that will help you know their unexpressed interests, needs, and preferences.

3.      Create Personal Experiences

Strive to create unique, memorable customer experiences. It may need you to wow them but also keep in mind that the little things can also have a big impact. So, you can send a birthday card, or offer them some cold water or lemonade when they come to view a property and it’s on a hot day.

4.      Provide Actionable Suggestions

Since you will be dealing with different clients, then your mission is not just to sell a house but to help solve a problem for them. Therefore, avoid giving pat answers but rather give actionable suggestions. For instance, you can provide recommendations on how a client can last a quick and profitable sale, how a homebuyer can spruce up the interior of their new home, or how curb appeal can add value to the property. Be honest, truthful, and professional in the suggestion and solutions you offer your clients.

5.      Keep Customers Informed

Do your best to ensures that your clients are up to scratch with every stage of the process, be it you are selling a house or helping one buy the property. Do not wait for them to call you asking for updates. Be the first to communicate and ease the efforts then would otherwise put into knowing how far the progress has gone. Identify their preferred mode of communication; it can be via a call, text, or email.

6.      Differentiate Yourself From The Competition

Do what you can to stand out, to be a cut above the rest so that you can help your target clients differentiate you from the others. Since your goal is to make money and you are eyeing a profit, offering low prices may not be the way to do things. Therefore, pick a niche you can specialize in that will separate you from the rest. Choice what you will be committed to and passionate about.

7.      Empower Potential Clients

Overall, the primary objective in all that has been said is to try and help your customers help themselves. You can provide financial literacy classes or guidance courses on matters related to real estate. Conversely, you can talk about critical topics like the outlook on the real estate market or invite them to one of your workshops on the housing sector. The idea is to help your clients can figure things out and make informed choices.


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