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Beach Footwear Tips For The Fashion Savvy

Everyone knows, when you move to Marbella, you will meet many fashion savvy people. Now don’t get me wrong, I have lived here for many years and I am in fact not very fashion savvy at all!

Finding footwear for the beach may be all about fashion, but we want to remind you not to forget about comfort! When most people think of going to a Marbella beach in style, they instantly call to mind swimwear campaigns and photo shoots where models wear sexy bikinis and high heels. With that being said, you should be your own person and find what’s right and comfortable for you! Matching the style and design of your swimwear and cover-up is as easy as choosing fashion forward sandals, flip flops or even wedges. Here are our top ideas to make you look and feel sexy at the beach:

Thong flats and flat sandals are similar in design, but they allow you to stay comfortable while looking great at the beach. They come with plenty of bling embellishments and interesting construction materials to bring stylish comfort wherever you go. Most importantly, these types of footwear work well with mini shorts, tunics, and maxi summer dresses. These Olukai sandals are a good look

Tall and thin ladies may want to explore the option of gladiator sandals. These sandals are perfect for virtually any dress or type of swimwear you may wear, and they are considered the quintessential beach footwear. As a side note, if you’re short and plump, avoid these sandals as they make legs lose optical length.

Flip flops are, of course, perfect for the beach as they are classy, sexy, and embody the feeling of comfort. They come in many designs and styles to match with your personal tastes. Many beachgoers love flip flops as they are easy to slide on and off when one is in a rush.

Look effortlessly sexy and vogue by choosing wedge sandals. These types of stylish footwear look great on anyone as they elongate the legs and mesh well with virtually any outfit. Wedges can be found in modern ethnic or floral prints as well as more classic styles with polka dots, stripes or a solid design.

Select closed toe shoes such as moccasins, sneakers or ballet flats if you want to portray a laid back or casual feel. Ladies wearing capri pants or summer dresses can opt for these more classic and casual types of footwear. Whether going on a yacht ride or heading off to a beachfront party, these shoes will never disappoint!

Now that you’re ready to head off to beaches of Marbella in comfort and style, do keep in mind beauty essentials that you may need. When styling yourself for the beach, consider the amount of time you will spend in the sun as that can impact your skin care regimen. Select bold and exciting colors to experiment with, and enjoy your time at the beach with a better “you”!



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