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Buying a beachfront property in Marbella

The coastlines bordering the Mediterranean sea stretch across several countries, but few are as popular and accessible to overseas buyers as seaside properties on the Costa del Sol, with beachfront property in Marbella being the leading area of this coast when it comes to high quality residences. These range from luxurious villas to exclusive apartment in gated resorts that include every kind of facility from gymnasiums and restaurants to indoor and outdoor pools all set within a landscaped paradise.

Living near the sea

For many buyers, the allure of a sea view is a key selling point for good reason. The attraction of being able to only walk a few metres from your door to the beach offers a unique experience, as well as providing a convenient place for daily exercise. Watching the sunrise in the tranquillity of early morning is an experience that those living a beachfront life can enjoy every day, and for dog owners it combines the daily walks routine with immersion in nature; so much pleasanter than walking the streets. Add to this, the stunning sunsets that are so clearly visible when you live beachside along with the moonlight that ripples across the water and you have a romantic environment that many will envy.

Best beachfront property in Marbella

In the currently buoyant investment climate, one area with beachfront property in Marbella stands out from the rest, and that is Elviria. This resort lies on both side of the N340, linked by a pedestrian bridge. It is about 12km to the east of Marbella town and the fact that it is closer to the airport than some of the other luxury Marbella locations is a major factor in its popularity with those residents who are frequent travellers.

The area is clothed in pine forests, right down to the sea and it is one of the most desirable residential areas on the coast. One of the reasons for this is its superior beach and its neighbouring beach of Cabopino, which is probably one of the most famous on Marbella’s east side. This long strand of golden sand with its open spaces and lack of stones also offers access to numerous water sport activities as well as some of the best beachside restaurants in southern Spain.

Elviria has been a popular holiday resort for many years with both Spaniards and visitors from around the world. It is home the five-star Don Carlos hotel, with its top quality amenities, and the word-famous Nikki Beach Club is only a matter of minutes from the Don Carlos. Other beachside venues are The Beach House and El Laurel; the former is excellent for contemporary European cuisine, while the latter is renowned for its paellas and seafood dishes. You can tell it is good because it is always packed with Spaniards from Madrid on Sundays who finish eating in the late afternoon and then get into their cars to drive back to the capital.

The timeless views

One other advantage of buying a beachfront property in Marbella is that nobody will destroy your view. This is an important consideration, because it is often very upsetting to buy a property with a great view, only to find some years later that a building is going up that will block it.

There are stunning beachfront developments along this area of the coast with luxurious apartments or villas depending on your requirements. Please contact us at Marbella Dream Living and let us show you our portfolio of Marbella and Elviria beachfront residences.

To entice you even more…. why not have a look at our featured selection of beach front properties for sale in Marbella:


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