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Buying Property in Spain & BREXIT

Everyone is talking about it and so are we! Whatever happens, one thing we can be sure of is not a lot will change!

The sun will still shine, the lifestyle will remain the envy of many. Golfers will still visit the numerous golf courses, people will enjoy drinks by the pool or sea and buyers will continue to buy!

So here’s our thoughts on the matter – fact checked and in a vocabulary most humans can understand!


  • Over the last 2 years, the media has literally gone bonkers, making us all worry – Why?
  • Other countries outside of the EU have regularly bought on the coast, with minimal problems or worries about healthcare, taxes, renting…
  • Brexit will not make any difference if you BUY NOW or BUY LATER
  • The only real concern affecting those buying abroad is related to currency exchange

What will the rate be now or later?

  • This concern can be resolved quite easily, by talking to us! We can identify different solutions for your needs


  • Whether you are in Spain, France or the UK, how many people live and work near you who are from outside the UK?
  • Americans, Australians and others from non-EU countries who own a property in Spain do not need a visa to visit their homes, as long as they comply with the 180 days rule*
  • The systems may change but with very little difference – a little more paperwork and preparation
  • Any systems set to acquire a tourist or work visa will be straightforward
    • Millions already living outside or within the UK will not experience any significant change if this deal goes ahead, as outlined and approved a few months ago

What about the free trade agreement?

THE 4 EU FREEDOMS for goods, – capital – employment and services are not part of buying a property abroad


  • If there is NO DEAL, travel insurance might be needed, costing a maximum of £80 pa for an entire family!
  • Health insurance may be necessary until a new EHIC strategy is finalised
  • If you are working in Spain, a work visa is the worst-case scenario
  • If you are retiring to Spain, proof of income may be required
    • Looking at the low standard of living in Spain, this should not be very high. France asks for 10,000€ per year, per person or 15,000€ per couple.

IRISH PASSPORTS  – Did you know that MILLIONS of UK residents can apply for an Irish passport?  Find me an Irish man por favor!


  • Buying a property in Spain and Brexit should NOT be a major concern, just a little more paperwork
  • Spain will not make it hard as they know their GDP is dependent on UK traffic for tourism and investments
  • Whilst the major obstacle is currency fluctuations, we can all remember rates of 1.5 to the pound, where many managed to buy cheaply in sterling
  • Currently we stand at 1.12 interbank (4th December) BUT many solutions exist to use the currency in your favour
  • We have a currency expert in- house who worked directly for overseas buyers buying and selling properties for many years, so we can discuss all suitable options with you!

“Will it ever go back to 1.2 or 1.4? Or, will it crash to parity?!

What YOU should be asking yourself is, “Can I afford to buy a property TODAY at the current rate?”

If you can, fix the rate today and stop worrying if it may fall to parity or even a few points as this can change every single day!

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE if you can afford it now, in the current market we are in, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why BREXIT should make you wait


  • Property prices here have been increasing steadily since 2016
  • The market is buoyant and still growing
  • The longer you wait, the more new properties are increasing in price, especially the new modern developments
  • A year ago we were able to offer our clients modern properties from 150,000€ now, 12 months on, we struggle to offer anything under the 250,000€ mark.

We are not here to push or create urgency

We are here to help you make an educated decision with facts, rather than the unfounded news that have been fed to all of us for the last 2 years! 

On the flip side, UK vendors who are selling to take advantage of the low rate and repatriate their funds back to the UK are making a profit when they probably bought when the rate was around the 1.4.

This means if you are lucky enough to find a property where the vendor is from the UK, there are some amazing deals on offer today!

*180 days rule
If you intend to stay less than 180 days every year; you are allowed complete free access up to 90 days within the 180 days of free travel to and from Spain.  For more than 180 days per year will depend on your personal circumstances.
“Golden Visas”  for non-EU citizens – Spain will grant 10-year renewable visas to anyone investing 500,000€+ within Spain loan free.

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