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Important Things That You Should Check When Touring an Apartment for Rent

Finding a good apartment for rent is not that easy. But with today’s technology, you can instantly check rental listings with just few clicks. The only downside of this is that there are landlords who post deceiving photos of their properties. They do this to attract more eyes and attention to their apartment properties. Sadly, there are renters who falls prey to this kind of advertising. Don’t be fooled by that, always demand an apartment tour before signing the lease.

An apartment for rent tour will give you the chance to look closely to those spaces and corners that are not usually seen on photos. It will give you the opportunity to thoroughly check the house for any kind of damage or trouble that needs to be fix or repaired before you move in. Here are some of the most important things or areas that you must check during the property inspection.

Look at the size and overall structure.

Look how spacious the rooms are. Are they good enough for you and your family? Check the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen for possible repairs or improvement. Check the parking space or garage and even the backyard.

Check for any signs of water leak/damage.

Look for water spots in the ceiling and in the other areas. Look for any stains that could be brought by a water leak or damage. Any signs of water damage could mean bigger trouble once your family moves in. If you found one, discuss it immediately with the owner or landlord.

Check for any signs of air leak.

Window air leak is a common problem with older houses and properties. Make sure to check it too because if there’s any and you failed to address it immediately, your energy consumption will shoot up to the roof!

Ask and check what’s not provided.

Ask and check for internet cable or service. If there’s none, you can immediately tell your landlord that you will need it (either they will apply for it or ask you to do it). Also check for what kind of appliance are included with the rental property. This way, you can determine what else you need and prepare them all at once before moving in.

Aside from checking the physical attributes of the house, a rental tour can also give you the opportunity to feel the community and neighbourhood where the apartment is located. So before signing any rental agreement, make sure to schedule an apartment tour first.


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