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Make Your Apartment Sparkling As New With These Tips!

If you are moving out from your rented apartment and you wanted to get back your deposit without hassle, make sure that you’ll vacate the place in an organized, clean and tidy manner. You need to leave the place the same way you arrive at it at the very first time. You need to make sure that everything is at its perfect condition before requesting your deposit back.

To help you out with your “moving out” preparations, here are few tips and tricks that you can follow. With these, you can be sure that everything is at its tip-top shape at the day of your move-out from your apartment for rent.

Get all the tools and supplies

Before you start, make sure that you already got all the cleaning tools and materials that you’ll need.  You don’t want to pause midway through your chores just to buy a brush or sponge from the store. Better if you can create a checklist of what you’ll need and see if you already have all of them. If not, buy them before starting your cleaning journey.

Plan everything

Don’t start cleaning if you don’t have any concrete plan on where and how to start and where to end. You might want to start with your bathroom, then the kitchen, your main rooms and lastly the living room. Also, check all rooms and see what needs to be cleaned the most. Identify the kind of dirt to be cleaned and prepare the right cleaning materials and solutions for it.

Clean the exterior too

After you are done with your interior, it’s time to give your exterior the cleaning it needs. Sweep and mop the balcony and the patio thoroughly. Remove all the dry leaves and dust that covers most of your walkway or path. Make sure that everything surrounding your house is free from any kind of trash, dirt and dust.

Make the necessary repairs

After cleaning the apartment thoroughly, inspect everything especially the ceiling and walls. See if there’s any sign of crack or holes and repair them accordingly.  Check out the windows and even the lighting fixtures and see if they are working properly. Double check everything before you call out for move-out inspection.

Take photos

Take a picture of the apartment, both exterior and interior, after you are done with all the cleaning and maintenance. Take few photos of each room, the kitchen, bathroom and living room. This can be your proof that you left the place in good condition.


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