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New developments in Spain on the rise

 Spain has had its fair share of bad news with regards to the property market. The evidence was clear in the many un-finished buildings that were spoiling the coast lines on the Costa del Sol up until recently. However according to the national real estate registry statistics, an increase of over 11% in property sales in 2015 has given foreign and national investors a new optimistic view of Spain And once again they are flocking to the sunny coastal resort to finish what others started over 10 years ago. New developments in Spain is on the rise!

Bargain new developments in Spain

A bargain is definitely to be had for investors as they buy up the partly finished developments on the Costa del Sol. In particular in the Malaga area where the construction cranes are once again part of the skyline when driving to Marbella from Malaga airport.

This is excellent news for off-plan buyers, who in turn can expect fantastic deals on new build property and some of the new developments in Spain leave nothing to their imagination. Gone are the days that developers could get away with just an apartment with a good view. Consumers are picky, demand is high and competition is fierce. Architects and developers now have to pull out all the stops to really impress their  buyers.

Apartments are built at a more luxurious spec. High tech gizmo’s needs to be installed at a minimum to satisfy even the most geeky home buyer. No longer is just a sea view enough, it now needs to come with a jacuzzi and as standard an elevator and underground parking. And of course no one wants to pay a penny more than they would have done for just the bedsit with sea views not even a decade ago.

Crystal Lagoons leads the way

One of those new developments in Spain is “Crystal Lagoons” in Estepona. When the developer of this impressive complex decided to pull out all the stops. They were not thinking of just adding double glazing and additional storage. No, this development boasts it’s own 1.4 hectares of crystal clear lagoon where water sports and sand beaches can be enjoyed by the residents all year round. Because why travel to the beach when you can bring the beach to you, right!?



Not only the apartments are a joy to live in. With state of the art appliances, the gardens a pleasure to walk through but with its very own Lagoon, there really is nothing that can top the extravagant lifestyle that these affordable apartments have to offer.

10 years ago the whole of Europe would have laughed at the idea of adding an entire lagoon to your development just so you can stand out from the rest, but these days, it is almost common practice to add the next best thing to your construction project to ensure a smooth sale and happy clients.

With a construction a project of this magnitude now a fact, other developers will need to get very creative to top the sales approach this particular development has taken to ensure the sales of over 100 apartments and penthouses in the first phase of the build.

Costa del Sol helps economic recovery

The province of Malaga is planning some very exciting new developments to encourage more foreign buyers to purchase their dream home in Spain. Euroweekly news reported recently that a new 650 million theme park is in the plans for Torremolinos, 84 million euros is the estimated investment into the new Marbella Al-Thani port and that’s just the start of the amazing projects the government of Andalusia & Malaga have in store to ensure tourists stay entertained and foreigners keep purchasing property on the Costa del Sol.

It is refreshing to know that the local communities and town hall join in on the efforts to clean up the coastlines and make sure the economy in this pretty seaside resort keeps getting stronger and more sustainable. In recent figures of the popular UK property site Right Move Overseas the rise in foreign buyers, especially the UK, is very clear to see and a definite credit to the governing bodies of Andalucia for keeping on top of things even when times were getting tough. It seems the reward of all their hard work is finally paying off.

For more advice on purchasing properties in Spain, or to find out more about the above mentioned development “Crystal Lagoons” contact us or visit the Marbella Dream Living offices in Marbella for a fresh cup of coffee and a free consultation.



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