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Should I Stay or Should I go?

Should I Stay or Should I go? How to Decide if Moving Abroad is the right Choice

How long have you been dreaming about moving abroad? A few months? A few years?… It’s often the case that the longer we have been ‘dreaming’ of doing something, the scarier it can become when we actually set about doing it!

Sometimes just the sheer number of practical considerations and questions which arise when you start looking into the detail of making your dream a reality are enough to make you reconsider – will you sell your house in time? What international shipping companies should you choose? Will you miss your family too much?

moving to marbellaIt’s completely understandable to feel worried and fearful.  There’s a lot to think about and decide on. So, if you’re now having doubts and you’re just not 100% certain if it is the right decision, its ok. It’s perfectly natural to be feeling some doubt, anxiety or concern, after all this is a huge life changing decision!

Here are some questions you can use to explore some of the internal conflict and provide some clarity and insight into what is currently holding you back.

What will moving abroad give you?

Whether this is something you have only recently considered doing or it’s been a dream for as far back as you can remember, do you remember the reason why you want to move?

Ask yourself the question ‘what does moving abroad give me?’ ‘What will I gain as a result of moving abroad?’ ‘What is important to me about moving abroad?’

It might be as simple as sunshine, improved health, more time, a change of scenery, relaxation, culture, a tan etc!

Notice how you feel when you do this, can you see yourself there? Does it make you feel good or bad?

What will staying put give you?

Now on the flip side, they’re likely things that you will miss about your current location – so now ask yourself, ‘what would I gain from staying put and not moving abroad?’

This may be things lie seeing your family, home comforts you might not get in your chosen destination etc.

Has anything come up that has surprised you? Are there things that you didn’t even realise were positive about staying?

How do you feel now? Is the feeling good or bad? Notice the difference in how you feel when you consider both options. Does one make you feel better than the other? If so which one?

What’s Stopping you?

Thinking about moving abroad again and your choice to stay or go. Ask yourself, ‘what’s really stopping me from moving abroad?’

Notice anything that comes to mind, from practical things to feelings and emotions. These are really important!

It might be practical things like financial or time bound restrictions and perhaps emotions or feelings such as fear.


Finally, close your eyes and quite your mind for a moment. Take yourself into the future ten years from now. Where are you? What can you see? What can you hear? How do you feel?

Bring that feeling back with you to the here and now.

Now ask yourself? What choice feels right now? Whether you saw your future self staying put or moving abroad, by tapping into the feeling, you will know instinctually which the right choice for you is, based on how it made you feel.

If you saw your future self living abroad, it’s likely this is the right decision for you and there are just some practical concerns to overcome, which is ok and doable! You may now sense that it’s just fear of the unknown that’s been holding you back and you can choose courage instead, can you not? After all what can be worse…regret and never knowing what might have been.


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